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jack hayes

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Welcome to the online gallery of Jack Hayes. Here, see original paintings that range in the spectrum of style from abstract to non-objective; very small to very large in size, some work seems intended to confront and challenge, some to engulf the senses, some to soothe. Some evoke responses from a minimalist visceral reaction to the spiritually sublime, and all intend to explore the elusive playful, joyful connection which makes us all human.

"Hayes' paintings are contemplative objects--their saturated hues are generative and dynamic, as though they capture a brief moment amidst endless flux."

Dara Kiese, Ph.D
Parsons The New School for Design

His work has been enthusiastically described by millennials as being "pretty cool," which he considers a high compliment. Very young folks (as young as three!) approach him in galleries, parents in tow, to talk at length about his work, and he considers this also a high compliment. Older folks are sometimes at a loss for words, which he definitely considers a compliment. Art-educated folks talk about the lush color, sometimes weightless and sometimes dense; how the composition constructs color situations reminiscent of the abstract expressionists and color field painters like Jules Olitski, Robert Motherwell, the "tachiste" of Sam Francis, and now Gerhardt Richter. He admits these and other influences freely, but says that doesn't really nail it down when describing his work.

" ... Jack like(s) to talk about 'being in the moment' when he paints...But I don’t always feel precisely that when regarding his work. Instead, I feel in touch with something more than the surface of the canvas, almost as if the painting were figural when it is clearly not or not obviously so. And this tension, between the abstraction and the figurative, pushes me to an though it is inhabited by a benign spirit."

James Hamilton, Ph.D
Professor of Aesthetics, Kansas State University

Hayes' art has been purchased by private collectors nationwide, commercial firms and corporate venues, acquired by non-profits for therapeutic settings, research centers like the Johnson Cancer Research Center of Kansas State University, and is a constant source of discourse (and just plain argument) at their Philosophy department. Finished work is available and all commissions are seriously considered.

So please! Enter the gallery here...

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