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jack hayes

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jack hayes stuff

solstice soiree

"One of my shows was called Solstice Soiree, because it opened on Solstice. Here's a video of a walk-through for your viewing pleasure..."


ongoing show at St.Cloud art crawl

The show started November 18th, and as usual most of the action took place at the famous Jule's Bistro on St.Germain. That may be because they have the best food, drink, and atmosphere around this neck o' the woods, and this time they're featuring Jack's work as part of their sixth anniversary. The whole idea of the art crawl started at that time because Jack had work up at several places on the avenue, and they decided to coordinate the receptions. Voila, instant art crawl; others heard about it and it quickly became a significant ( and ongoing ) event in the city of St. Cloud. Hope to see you there!

message from jack

"Hi! Thanks for supporting my work - thanks for giving me my job. If you're already a collector, you know my work; if you'd like another piece I'd be glad to work with you, just let me know. If you're not already familiar with my work, this page has always been about sharing in a somewhat smaller way, maybe a gift for friends, or maybe you just want to help me out a little. I do appreciate it."


cool gear featuring the art of jack hayes

"hummingbird dreams" collectors panel paintings

Jack's doing a series of panel paintings that are small enough to put just about anywhere. They come in three sizes. They are 5 1/2" X 16" , 5 1/2" X 11" , and 5 1/2" X 7" . They can be hung easily in various ways because they have holes drilled into the back, but the neat thing is that they can stand on their own! They will stand up on any flat surface, like on a shelf or desk top. These are actual paintings being displayed in galleries, and people think they're very cool. They range from just $50 to $175 . For pictures of pieces available, contact jack

cool original art bookmarks and coasters!

Do you think you would like to support Jack in his work, but just can't get a full size painting right now? These are actual 4" wide paintings!... well, okay, they're pieces of real paintings that have been cropped for various reasons. they make great coasters, but you can frame 'em if you want. various colors and compositions chosen by Jack himself, on canvas; signed on the back, just like the full size ones. Collect 'em all!

$10 each ... six for $50 ... order through jack directly

bookmarks....  approximately 2"x 6" ... $10

tee shirts

Jack is going to do some original screen prints on tees pretty soon. Each one will be unique and signed by hand. The shirts pictured below are no longer available and are discontinued. If you purchased one of those, thanks! But due to the structure of that company, Jack never knew if they were purchased or not.

The new shirts will be much better quality prints done by Jack himself, and any proceeds from those will go directly to support the artist. Please indicate your interest by writing to Jack; click here.