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jack hayes

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paintings gallery

This is just a sample of work that is available, although demand has been high and many of these are now sold. Updates are coming! Click on the thumbnails to view the entire painting.

All these paintings are acrylic on canvas unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in purchasing a painting or series, or would like to find out where to view them physically, or simply have questions, contact Jack here.

newer paintings



  • vuntitled.jpg
  • ghost_dance.jpg
  • canticum_dei.jpg
  • kauai_no_umi3.jpg
  • burnin_up_in_blues4.jpg


seen song show

  • just_one_note.jpg
  • cajun_rhythm.jpg
  • calypso_melisma.jpg
  • polyphonic_faeries_01.jpg
  • polyphonic_faeries_02.jpg

coryphe'e series

  • coryphee_01.jpg
  • coryphee_05.jpg

shaman grove series

  • shaman_grove_03.jpg

tropiko series

  • tropikonakanaka_01.jpg
  • tropikonakanaka_02.jpg
  • tropikonakanaka_03.jpg
  • tropikonakanaka_04.jpg

yuurei no yuuri (release of ghosts) series

  • yuurei_no_yuuri_01.jpg
  • yuurei_no_yuuri_03.jpg
  • yuurei_no_yuuri_04.jpg
  • yuurei_no_yuuri_05.jpg
  • yuurei_no_yuuri_06.jpg

firedance and related

  • firedance.jpg
  • dream_of_the_firefly_king.jpg
  • kraken_logic_song_04.jpg
  • kraken_logic_song_06.jpg

messenger series and related

  • messenger_02.jpg
  • messenger_03.jpg
  • wormsign.jpg
  • tied_up_and_twisted.jpg
  • bunny_god.jpg


  • bridge.jpg

caelum ploratum

  • caelum_ploratum.jpg

quantum spring triptych

  • quantum_spring.jpg

kauai no umi #2

  • kauai_no_umi.jpg