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jack hayes

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caelum ploratum - 32"x140"                n.f.s.*


*Now in private collection, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I love to put this painting in shows," says Jack. "It causes a lot of comments and dialog. One of the written comments was 'my nine year-old-son thought this is a picture of God' (WOW, I thought) and went on to describe why. Then 'Thank you for evoking such thoughtful responses from my child.' Thank you for telling me about your awesome child,whoever you are.

Another time it was on display at the Philosophy department at a state university. The head of the department told me that it 'stimulates a lot of arguments.' When I asked about the nature of the arguments, he said they concerned the 'nature of beauty', the 'aesthetic experience' and such. He also said it was the only painting there that 'causes so much discussion.'

Once, an art center curator had it hung vertically for an upcoming show. When she saw it she said 'Oh no, that's much too violent!' and had it taken down to hang horizontally. When she saw it hanging that way she sighed and said 'Ah, that's much calmer.' "

Do you like this painting? It may still be viewed by appointment with its owner. If you'd like to arrange to see it, contact Jack here.