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jack hayes

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Cancellation / Returns

All sales are final. Please make sure you really want what you want before making a purchase. Colors & Size:We do not accept returns on original art because the color or the size doesn't work for you once you receive it. Each computer monitor can show colors differently. If you have any questions about colors in the paintings, it is your responsibility to ask them before purchasing. The measurements of each original painting are clearly stated. Please measure the wall area before purchasing.We suggest using painters tape to mark the works dimensions onto your wall to get an accurate display of the size of the work. Returns are not accepted because the size does not work for you once you receive the work. It is your responsibility to measure your space before purchasing. 


Shipping will be carried out with the utmost care. Pricing depends on variables such as size, and whether or not you wish the painting to be shipped on the stretcher or possibly in the artist’s frame. It may also be shipped by removing it from the stretcher and rolled up for tube shipment, to be re-stretched at its new home. 

 About Content Copyright

All images of artwork on this site are copyrighted material of Jack Hayes Art. They are not to be used anywhere else without written permission. © 2013 jack hayes art - All Rights Reserved.